1997: Fraunhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik St. Ingbert

The internationally renowned institute confirms that the increased speed of penetration of the OXYJET special preparations during the application with the original OXYJET is 60 times greater than normal products.

Whereas the OXYJET Gamma-L-Serum needs about one hour to penetrate the epidermis simply applied by hand the OXYJET pulsed system transports the Gamma-L-Serum into the deep layers of the skin after only one minute of treatment and leaves an active deposit in those deep areas *

2007: Cornwall Dermatology Research Truro

The internationally renowned Cornwall Dermatology Research Institute, Peninsula Medical School,Truro, confirms that up to 3 times increased penentration of active ingredients in the treatment of skin cancer nodes by the use of  the  original OXYJET.*