Active ingredient concentrates, especially designed to meet the individual skin requirements are applied, and deeply „shot“ into the skin by means of pulsed oxygen pressure- without needle, gentle, effective and safe!

All cosmetic problem areas can be treated without pain and free of side effects. Dependent on the selected special preparation wrinkles are filled up, pigmentation spots are lightened or blemishes are gently softened and removed. The so formed deposit of active ingredients deep in the skin unfolds its positive effects over a long time. At the same time the oxygen provides the skin with new energy and freshness.

The penetration of the special preparations takes place in a natural way:

The pulsed oxygen pressure transports the active ingredients deep into the skin using the natural interstices between the cells. The skin is not hurt during this process. Already in 1997 the internationally renowned German „Fraunhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik“ has tested the pulsed pressure used with the OXYJET treatment on human skin. OXYJET concentrate of active ingredients has been applied to the skin, then shot into the skin by use of different degrees of pressure. Then the skin has been examined. Following the results of these tests the OXYJET pressure has been fixed. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and form a deposit there- without syringe and needles.

Patented technology made in Germany.