The Bode Oxyjet

The painless pulsed oxygen pressure injection with the patented BODE OXYjet is gentle, the effective solution for the treatment of cosmetic problem areas.

By the use of pulsed oxygen pressure highly effective cosmetic formulations and pure concentrated oxygen are pulsed into the deep layers of the skin – without needles gentle, effective and safe!

The so formed deposit of active ingredients deep in the skin unfolds its positive effects over a long time. At the same time the oxygen acts as a vitalising energiser. All cosmetic problem areas can be treated without pain and side effects: The whole face, especially the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth, neck, decollete and body.

Excellent treatment results can be obtained for:

  • wrinkle formation
  • atrophic skin
  • pigmentation disorders
  • acne and impure skin
  • body shape problems
  • scars and stretch marks

Proven Efficiency, 1997 Scientific Study Germany*: The internationally renowned “Fraunfhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology” confirms the increased generation of a deposit against the formation of wrinkles is 60 times faster by the use of the OXYjet system.

2007 Scientific Study England*: The internationally renowned “Cornwall Dermatology Research Institute, Peninsula Medical School, Truro“ confirm that upto 3 times increased penetration of active ingredients in the treatment of skin cancer nodes by the use of the OXYjet.

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