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How deep do the Serums enter the skin?

Most products only moisturise the top ‘dead’ skin layers, however with the use of the OXYjet system, special active ingredients penetrate the deep living ?basal? layers in as little as 2 minutes.

What is the Biomatrix?
This is the substance, which bonds the cells together, consisting mainly of linolacic, linolinic and Gamma Linolic Acid; precious acids that the body either produces or needs to have supplied.

Is the OXYjet system scientifically tested?
The OXYjet system and products are laboratory tested at the Frauenhofer Institut medizinische Technik using PermaSkin, which are human skin samples from plastic surgery.

What is the OXYjet treatment?
This is a laboratory tested and scientifically proven treatment for intensive anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation and can also be used to aid cellulite problems and reduce age pigmentation. This system uses the most natural source ? oxygen? to push nourishing and hydrating serums into the skin.

Has anyone had any allergic reactions to the treatment?
No. From the many tests, and the treatments carried out, we have had no allergic reactions. However, with all cosmetics, allergic reactions cannot be excluded.

Are there any other comparable cosmetic treatments results to the OXYjet/BEAUTY-TOX?
The special OXYjet System, with its individual technique, cannot be compared with other systems. It is one of the most effective Anti-Ageing treatments on the market.

Is the treatment painful?
No, it is a very relaxing and comfortable treatment. Just a smooth pulsating pressure is felt.

Can the OXYjet/BEAUTY-TOX treatment be compared with a cosmetic injections or Hyaluronic acid?
It is comparable because NORA BODE can use the OXYjet to push principle substances into the deepest layers of the skin (scientifically proven) safely, effectively and pain free! Concerning the effects, the optimal results just take a little longer. The real advantage compared to the cosmetic injection is, for example, the regenerating effect.

What are the benefits of OXYjet/BEAUTY-TOX treatments?
There are many benefits:·

  • Improves the skin?s capacity to hold moisture.
  • Increases cellular mitosis, circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles disappear.
  • Acts gently against the formation of skin formation of skin blemishes.·
  • Healing.
  • Gives a healthy fresh glow to the skin.
  • No allergy test required.

What is the best age to start with the OXYjet/BEAUTY-TOX treatment?
It is suggestive to start in the mid 20s to prevent premature ageing.

Is it necessary to prepare the skin before the OXYjet Treatment?
Like with every cosmetic treatment, cleansing is essential. To optimise penetration, the skin is prepared with NORA BODE Enzyme Exfoliating Cream.

Do the active ingredients penetrate through the pores into the deep layer of the skin?
No, the substances reach the Epidermis by going around the cells and not through the pores.

What are the other benefits of the NORA BODE product range?
This revolutionary treatment range offers truly effective and safe solutions for every skin problem, including acne and impure skin, and hyper pigmentation.

Can wrinkles or other skin problems, for example pigmented lesions be treated the same time?
Yes, of course. Depending on the skin area, different serums can be applied and ?shot? into the skin.

Are the products tested on animals?

How are the products conserved?
NORA BODE Cosmetic do not use preservatives in their treatment products, naturally occuring plant derived preservatives may be found in the aftercare products.

Is it sufficient to have a treatment in the problem areas or is treatment of the whole face necessary?
To see significant improvement and achieve regeneration of the skin, treatment of the whole face is necessary. A treatment of the problem areas is also possible but the effects can then only be seen within the treated area.

Is there an age limit for the treatment?
It is suggested to start the treatment in the mid 20s. There is no age limit.

Can improvements also be seen with deep wrinkles, which have been visible for a long time?
There is a positive improvement in the depth and density of the wrinkles. Scientific researchers have proven that the depth and density of the wrinkles reduces within 4 weeks by up to 50%. A complete disappearance of the wrinkles cannot be expected.

What happens if the treatment is not continued?
The substances and the effects reduce slowly.

Does the skin shrink again after the treatment?
No. The results are slowly produced. The skin was not stretched so it does not shrink.

Is it necessary to use BEAUTY-TOX for the rest of one’s life?
To maintain the improvement, BEAUTY-TOX treatments should be continued.

Does BEAUTY-TOX have an impact on the muscles?
BEAUTY-TOX only has an impact on the muscles directly under the skin and only where the product is applied.

Is a treatment during pregnancy possible?
The treatment causes no problems but in general, pregnant clients should not be treated.

Do the Phyto Oestrogens have an impact on the body?
Because the treatment is localised to the skin, there are no effects to the whole body.

How does the elasticity of the skin return?
By the regenerating effects, for example, the substance Matrixyl stimulates the skin?s own supporting tissue.

Are the NORA BODE products just made for mature skin?
The products are especially for mature and prematurely ageing skin, but also for skin with acne problems, pigmentation irritations and Cellulite.

How often do I have to use the products a day?
In the morning and evening is enough.

Can any Salon products be used with OXYjet?
No, all professional products used for the BEAUTY-TOX treatment and aftercare have been specifically developed to be used only in conjunction with this treatment, so no allergies are experienced.

Is it possible to use the products I have been using during or after the treatment. Is a combination possible?
To obtain an optimal treatment result it is necessary to use the NORA BODE products which are specifically aligned to each other. They stabilize the result and guarantee a long lasting improvement of the skin. This intensive treatment is a combination of Salon and Homecare. The “NORA BODE” Homecare products provide a barrier against secretion of active ingredients and are essential for long-term effects. 

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What The Press Says


NORA BODE and the OXYjet treatment are no secret anymore: Worldwide international celebrities evaluate our competence!


What the press saysStars like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and German actresses like Suzanne von Borsody, Christine Neubauer and Ruth Maria Kubitschek since years belong to the OXYjet users in order to keep themselves young and attractive in a natural way.

1986 the technician and naturopath Lothar Bode opened his practice together with his wife Jutta Bode, pharmacist and chemist. After a short period of time they began to specialize in the treatment of skin diseases, especially eczema and other inflammatory types.

1989 Jutta and Lothar Bode set up the research institute IN.TACT. eV in Hohenstein under the scientifi c guidance of Prof. R. Gorges. The object was promoting research in the fi eld of immune mediators in the skin. Several universities and colleges as well as fi rms with their expert knowledge and specialists took part in these research projects. During this research Lothar Bode developed a microscopic quick test to determine the quality of the intercellular spaces. It rapidly became clear that active substances could be inserted under pressure through the so called ”Biomatrix“. The OXYjet System is born.

1994 Jutta and Lothar Bode founded the company NORA BODE Kosmetik. Also in that year a prototype of the OXYjet was developed, which inserts special cosmetic formulations and pure oxygen deep into the epidermis with the aid of pulsed oxygen. The development of special active ingredients for the treatment and the appropriate products for homecare was then intensely driven forward. The results of the treatment especially with dry, eczematous, atrophic skin fi nally resuted in the system being used cosmetically.

1997 Lothar Bode was granted the patent for the pressure injection procedure by the German patent offi ce in Munich. Scientifi c studies carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology in St. Ingbert, Germany, confi rmed the effectiveness of the original Bode OXYjet and at the same time resulted in defi nition of the treatment pressure. In the same year the first OXYjet models were launched on the German market.[/column][column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]1998 and the following years were characterised by further developments in appliance technology, specialisation in the applied cosmetic formulations and launch of the system in neighbouring European countries and finally in Asia, USA and Russia.

2003 The Daily Mirror reported that the Queen of Pop Madonna is having BEAUTY-TOX/OXYjet treatments in London and so the treatment was no longer a secret.

2005 – 2010 The following years are marked by the development of further revolutionary news: The OXYjet Set – oxygen pressure injection for home appliance – now is the lifting sensation of celebrities in the whole world: The ”body“ Elle MacPherson, the German actresses Anja Kruse, Suzanne von Borsody, Jutta Speidel and Christine Neubauer swear on the Nora Bode oxygen pressure method. In the following years the multifunctional OXYjet STAR and the mobile OXYjet LEO are launched in the German and international market and both are powerful equipments built to the highest standards to meet the stringent demands of discerning clients. In 2007 the internationally renowned Institute Cornwall Dermatology Research, Peninsula Medical School, Truro, carries out a study which for the fi rst time indicates the great importance of the original OXYjet in the medical application.

2011: The new CRYO2 treatment module turns out to be the optimal supplement to the needlefree pressure injection: Tingly cool freshness, pure oxygen and precious concentrates tighten the contours.

2012: Following the trend of compact, powerful multifunctional devices the three new OXYjet LEO models LEO, LEO cool and LEO de luxe are presented to the world of beauty and medicine.

Experience, competence and innovation are our strengths! 

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